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Spices and Pellets

We offer a large variety of spices, rubs, and sauces for whatever you have on the menu tonight. Some of the spices are from our bar-b-q suppliers and some are from vendors we have discovered throughout the years. Of course all of them are wonderful, so come on by and give 'em a try!

Bar-B-Q Wood Pellets

Green Mountain Grills offer a perfect blend of hardwoods that bring out the flavor in the food without overpowering it. The 28-lb. bag of pellets are oak based, which means they are larger and last longer than standard alder based pellets.

Green Mountain Grills Sauces & Rubs

With such a large variety, it's no surprise that Green Mountain Grills has a sauce or rub for every plate on the menu. Whether you're looking for a bit of heat (the Cherry Chipotle is a good cure for this craving) or you need a bold barbeque marinade for slow-cooking, you'll find what you need within this huge selection.

John Henrys Rubs

A unique blend of salt, spice, and extra attention to including dried herbs for a kick of freshness. Meat-specific mixtures complement the food with a twist of culture, especially the Cilantro & Lime, inspired by Latin America through the South Pacific. John Henry's Rubs also come in variety packs and are perfect gifts for those special men in your life!

Big Cock Ranch Seasonings

Straight outta Texas, these cleverly named seasonings are a delightful variation of the regular, everyday shit. The 'Good Shit' is a sweet and salty blend that makes your taste buds dance on all sorts of shit, chiken, pork, popcorn... and the list goes on and on.

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